HEIMOTIONS history goes back to the year 1944. First moving figures and window decorations are made at this time.



Mechanical movable puppets and deco- rations for show cases become popular and sought after products. The company move from eastern to western Germany.
The company company found its location at Berlin-Schöneberg. Business begins to prosper.



The management decide to buy an old manufactory for electrical equipment in picturesque Jagsthausen. The whole production is moved to Jagsthausen the same year.
The statuettes have become much more complex. They posess electricitly powered movable arms and legs, nod their heads
and roll their eyes. Fairy tales a preferred subjects.



In Jagsthausen, the first Fairy- Tale-Garden is established;. Showing ensembles of different statuettes in corresponding decoractions and having special space for playing and resting this garden becomes the prototype of the large leisure-parks of the future.
Modern techniques are introduced using electronics and plastic processing.



The company prospers and employs more than 50 people. Leisure parks develop like mushrooms and all of them demand products. Historic characters, prehistoric animals, Midgets/manikins are manufactured.



Giganto is delivered. World’s biggest, transportable, animated statuette. It features computer controlled movement and is 17 meters high. Giganto is an eye catcher on fairs to this day.



Computers are introduced in big style. The design department equipped with a large MacIntosh environment. Most modern CAD-systems support development and construction of mechanical components.



Expo 2000 in Hannover. In the German pavilion visitors are fascinated by Visionscape a futuristique installation.



The Heimotion GmbH takes over the Heimo aaM GmbH & Co. KG.
All employees keep their jobs in the new company.
After the take-over, the company installs some big projects, establishing it's position as Europe's largest animatronic and dark ride supplier.



Heimotion has built the world biggest piggy bank for Sparkasse Ludwigsburg. 2017 the piggiy bank entered into the Guinness Book of Records.




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